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Ultimate Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E – The Best Anti-Wrinkle Serum for Your Face!

All it takes is a few drops of Aurora Cure Ultimate Vitamin C Serum to experience ‘the glow;’ your face will immediately appear more radiant, youthful, and energized!

With continued use you’ll experience the long-term anti-wrinkle, anti-aging benefits of Vitamin C serum:

  • Advanced Formula with Hyaluronic and Vitamin E – These active ingredients add intense moisturizing and even greater antioxidant benefits. Hyaluronic acid adds plumpness and firmness to skin because it has a greater capacity to hold moisture than any polymer. Vitamin E works to neutralize free radicals that damage cells and contribute to skin aging.
  • Collagen Boost – Vitamin C provides a skin-rejuvenating effect by improving collagen synthesis in the skin that slows down with aging. Collagen is a structural support protein that is essential for firm, youthful skin. As the synthesis of new collagen slows down, topical vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to boost collagen synthesis.
  • Prevent and Repair Sun Damage – The damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays is responsible for the vast majority of visible aging (wrinkles, uneven tone). Sun damage results in free radicals; harmful molecules that damage cells. Vitamin C serum contains powerful antioxidants that combat free radicals, revising wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Aurora Cure’s 20% formula is safe for all skin types, never tested on animals, and is paraben-free, oil-free, and contains no dyes, fragrances or fillers. Our customers enjoy reduced wrinkles, even skin tone, and improvement of age spots.SUPERIOR ANTI AGING, ANTI WRINKLE RESULTS – Vitamin C serum enhances your body’s natural collagen production for firmer, more radiant face and skin
GLOWING SKIN LOOKS AND FEELS RADIANT – Leaves your face feeling firm and revitalized; citrus infused ingredients invigorate and energize skin
RESTORE AND REGENERATE – Antioxidant protection from free radicals fades sun damage and acne scars, reversing visible signs of aging
ORGANIC AND EFFECTIVE – Dermatologist recommended Vitamin C formula with high quality organic ingredients; no synthetic fillers
SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – Our 20% Vitamin C formula offers the highest concentration of active ingredients for the best results without irritating skin

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